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Sheena has been with me at Greenstone Retreat since 2018. I met Sheena at a holistic event in Moana in approximately 2017 and asked for an Indian Head massage. Once her hands firmly touched my head, I was able to take a deep breath and relax instantly, knowing that I was in capable hands. I have never forgotten that moment of relief!

I wasn’t in a position to offer her any space at the retreat at that time, but I had a future vision of offering massages to my guests. We shared contact details and I reached out to her a year later when my friend Greer put her tipi here and we had a space.

Since then Sheena has used many places around the retreat as it has changed and grown. From the tipi tent, to a bigger tent, to the den lounge, den bedroom, sections of family rooms with sheets creating temporary spaces. The yoga studio was a wonderful addition for massage in 2020 and served well until the new healing hut and permanent home for massage was created in 2023.


Sheena is still here regularly, with spaces each week. I still enjoy my massages from Sheena and consider her to be one of the best massage therapists I have been lucky enough to receive touch from. Without Sheena, I am sure the demands of running the retreat would not be as manageable and I am eternally grateful to have her as part of the holistic team, making Greenstone Retreat THE holistic healing retreat on the West Coast.

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