Card Readings & spiritual development

Are you or a friend planning a weekend away, birthday party, baby shower, hens’ night, girls night or a corporate event? Why not give your guests something unique to remember, such as a Tarot reader at your next event!

Held at the heart of the Greenstone Retreat in the Evolve Studio, Our Village Psychic Medium Adi Courtney delivers insight through Tarot, cards and spirit connection. Adi has been making a difference in many people’s lives and she’s been doing private readings and readings at parties for the past 16 years.

So why not add a little something different of mystery and intrigue and host your very own unique Tarot Party.

Get in touch with the Greenstone Retreat or Adi Courtney 027 3000 177 to inquire or check availability.

Find your soul purpose, connect in with your guides, tools and cards, developing your abilities and many more…just ask.

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